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Blue Feather Inspiration R&R can offer research, reviews and reports.

We do all this with an honest, open, ethical and professional approach.


I am an intelligent and fast thinking, keen learner with an persistant curiosity about most things. Whilst working in a technical role in IT I tested amongst the 95% for logical thinking. I love finding out, understanding and making sense of all sorts of stuff. The more I know about the world the more there is to be interested in. I also love being helpful, making peoples lives easier and enjoy writing. All these combine with my creative approach and my knack of searching and finding out information. Each of these skills and characteristics are put to good use during research and reporting work.

In the past I have been trusted with my research, reports and recommendations by directors of significant medium sized business with new product and business potential research; by local community organisations wanting to get best value in their expenditures; right through to individual cat owners who need to know why their puss is behaving oddly and how to help her.
Finished reviews are sometimes published on related blogs such as

Areas of Research:

I can and do research any areas which has information available.

I do not have legal training but have often researched the law and various government rules in public life.

I actively enjoy learning about new areas, especially anything associated with ethical issues, green living or health and fitness.

I believe it is quite possible to research and assimilate and summarise the basics of a many new area quite efficiently even without prior expertise if the information is openly available.

hen it comes to providing reviews of products I do have some specialist areas.

Our Specialist Review Areas:

Dance, music and study items are very welcome.

Health or beauty products in many areas are welcome, as are home exercise items and equipment.

Foods for restricted diets, especially dairy, sugar, nut or yeast free items are welcome. Health foods and Vegetarian foods a speciality.

Cat related items are very welcome, we also have some contacts for other animal related items.

Yarns and some craft items also have a testing base of a number of users. For large yarn issues we have access to an international testing team.

Please contact us to confirm we can review your products.


Although we are open to many areas of research or review work we abide by certain ethical principles:

If you make us aware of any illegal activity or the immediate danger of actual harm to yourself or others we have to inform appropriate authorities so we are not also held liable.

We do not review products which we know to have been tested on animals as we do not feel we can honestly support them.

We believe in a positive approach and will look for the most positive aspect in reviews for publication, (eg: even if we are not keen on something we will say who we think it would suit) however we must also remain honest in all we do. If we really feel we cannot review a product in any positive light we will submit any feedback to yourselves first.

Research reports will include more information on less positive aspects, but are less subjective than a review. Please make it clear if you want a review for publication or a research report for information.

We cannot be held liable if information we have sourced in good faith is inaccurate or changes. We do our best to ensure you have all accurate and current information at the time we commit the research. In situations where we are aware it is clearly likely to change in future we will also draw your attention to this if we feel it is appropriate.

We will provide all information in a timely manner and will make expected timescales clear to you both at the outset and if that changes. We treat our clients with respect and expect the same in return.


Our basic rate starts at 20 for the first hour and 12 per hour thereafter. Some work will attract a higher rate.

Any additional expenses will be billed in addition to the hourly rate and are usually required in advance.

In special cases we will provide some specific reviews gratis or at an extreme discount in exchange for the item in question and any basic expenses.

Block-booking and other discounts are available.

You are free to specify a time limit on your query.

Specialist areas of work and those requiring travel in person may incur a higher rate and an advance for travel expenses.

Invoices are due on date of receipt and are drawn up on a regular basis, sometimes during a project rather than just at the end. We do not offer a credit facility. We accept online transactions thro paypal as well as other forms of payment.

cd1Your Information

Resulting information can be either emailed to you, provided for electronic download from dropbox or posted on a CD if necessary.


We can also sometimes provide reviews of selected items in return for a complimentary copy and appropriate compensation. We retain rights to reviews we create and may publish them elsewhere.


We will make our initial charges clear and will inform you when you are incuring further charges.