Blue Feather Inspiration R&R
Research  and Reviews

Blue Feather Inspiration R&R can offer research, reports and reviews to order.

Contact us with clear details of the work you require and we will respond with a quote.

The easiest way to contact us is by email:

for research work send details to

researcher */at/*

for reviews send details to

reviewer */at/*

We will respond promptly with a quote and further information.

If you need to call instead please email us with the information and we can email you a phone number to call and a time you can reach us. We prefer email as all details are then recorded for both parties thus avoiding any future confusion.

cd1Your Information

Resulting information can be either emailed to you, provided for electronic download from dropbox or posted on a CD if necessary.


We can also sometimes provide reviews of selected items in return for a complimentary copy and appropriate compensation. We retain rights to reviews we create and may publish them elsewhere.


We will make our initial charges clear and will inform you when you are incuring further charges.