Blue Feather Inspiration R&R
Research  and Reviews

Blue Feather Inspiration R&R offers both research and reports for private or business use and reviews for publication. We do not make our clients information public but you can read examples of our public reviews here.

As our research work is confidental we do not give full details in our examples, however we have recently covered projects such as:

* save a village hall committee s and upgrade their choice of PA by research into suitable small PA alternatives for speakers

* Provided key information on legal responsibility of schools for a parent whos child was repeatedly missing out on school trips to the detriment of his future career, because of her circumstances

* Health, diet and well-being information supplied to various individuals with different concerns

* Information on historical details and social information for study projects on specific periods in history

* Detailed behavioural information and recommendations for pet owners based on many years of personal experience with cats, and drawn from research into current thinking

cd1Your Information

Resulting information can be either emailed to you, provided for electronic download from dropbox or posted on a CD if necessary.


We can also sometimes provide reviews of selected items in return for a complimentary copy and appropriate compensation. We retain rights to reviews we create and may publish them elsewhere.


We will make our initial charges clear and will inform you when you are incuring further charges.