Blue Feather Inspiration R&R
Research  and Reviews

Blue Feather Inspiration R&R can offer research online and off into a variety of areas. Based in the UK we can research a subject area, collate information and in addition provide summary reports. We also offer product reviews by request for certain products.

What do you need to know about? What information are you looking for? What words do you need written?

Do you have a report to write or areas to learn about for a job application but no idea where to start? We can research and provide you with a breakdown introduction to the subject area.

Do you have information you want to look up and research yourself but just not enough time? Let us fill that gap for you.

Does your small business have a need to gather information, but no permanent employee to do that work? Let us step into their shoes for as long as you need us.

If our main researcher is unavailable we have other researchers to call upon.

We believe in a positive approach and will look for the most positive aspect in reviews for publication, however we do also remain honest in all we do.

Freelance, confidential, and intelligent research, reviewing and reporting at reasonable hourly (or per job) rates.

cd1Your Information

Resulting information can be either emailed to you, provided for electronic download from dropbox or posted on a CD if necessary.


We can also sometimes provide reviews of selected items in return for a complimentary copy and appropriate compensation. We retain rights to reviews we create and may publish them elsewhere.


We will make our initial charges clear and will inform you when you are incuring further charges.